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Discussion on: Will cryptocurrency become the legal currency in the world in the future?

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Kornel • Edited on

My biggest concern would be about the proof of reliability in the position of us users. What do I mean by that? Is that, when someone who is advocating this as one of the good implementations of futures economy being asked how secure and how is it working under the hood can only assure you with preset that its guarantee to be never breakable and you shouldn't worry much about it is unacceptable. I remember watching the presentation of quantum cryptography where a speaker when he got asked what does he think about shadow realm of scientists and gov funded researches ( unlimited funded ) he just stepped back with the head down and said with disappointment that his "lifetime work" would just go to the bin, what he meant is that its technically possible that crypto is already in the hands of someone, ( relate that he is working in a one of the companies that are doing quantum computing ). What do I want to say is that, this crypto thing to me is one more race between nations in technology. Who's first going to crack this "crypto"? Crypto is temporary. Even if some say that it's unbreakable, impossible, look at this, look at that, this is so irrelevant as if it would be one more constant found in the universe, never changing, always present. It's not, its just a technology, its just a math, its just a numbers, so if there is an entity such as infinity in the universe, there is clearly space for the technology to catch up with this and crack it. The question is again who's going to be first to do so. Knowing that I believe that countries which are somewhat racional are not prone to do something that would cost them a lot more to redo afterwards rather than not implementing this at all. I do like some side effects of the crypto, but what I do not like the most is this confidence in everyone. Its just a matter of time after all.. The equation is simple to me: more attention it gets = the faster it will be cracked. Would like if someone could change my mind in terms of "unbreakability". Thank you.

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Elsa Author • Edited on

Really thank you for your comment :D