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re: Why people don't know CSS VIEW POST

re: that's it, is not "sexy", the same with HTML, everyone go directly to JS, to the point that many even load static images with JS, buttons based in ...

Yeah CSS got a bad rap because of the whole "be compatible with different browsers" but it's a lot better now. You don't have to support IE unless your stakeholder requires it and new versions of Edge are in Chromium.

I also get asked by students about "should I learn React, Vue or Angular?", "what do you think of blockchain?", "should I learn ML?" but rarely do I hear anything about CSS.

It's gotten so weird that I'm known as the guy who loves CSS. I'm proud that I like CSS.

Is in the "old" tech that nobody cares about and should, along with: SQL, HTML, C and everything without a GUI.

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