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As someone who mentors new developers in a bootcamp, I see that they get frustrated when writing CSS. With that, they start CSS on a bad note. CSS can be a difficult at times and these early difficulties make them not like writing CSS. With plenty of frameworks out there to make your , getting better in CSS becomes lower priority.

I love CSS but I feel like CSS isn't "sexy" enough for most new developers to learn in-depth.


CSS is sexy. Since 2013 I train people that nothing know about CSS. And I can say that a lot of mentors just complicate learning. Also much depends from people. Often people stop learning on some level thus they can't know some things.


that's it, is not "sexy", the same with HTML, everyone go directly to JS, to the point that many even load static images with JS, buttons based in JS, JS to animate hovers, JS for everything, awful. And after all that preach about accessibility and compatibility; I've heard people talking against flexboxes and grids because not every browser in the planet support it and then make websites that doesn't even load text without JS, eating memory like it's free and downloading 8MB. XD

And because nobody knows anything about CSS they end up with a mess of HTML, where half of the content are just identifiers and classes and a hell of nested divs and spans.

Also CSS is much nicer nowadays, we have flex, grids, even variables, how fancy is that?


Yeah CSS got a bad rap because of the whole "be compatible with different browsers" but it's a lot better now. You don't have to support IE unless your stakeholder requires it and new versions of Edge are in Chromium.

I also get asked by students about "should I learn React, Vue or Angular?", "what do you think of blockchain?", "should I learn ML?" but rarely do I hear anything about CSS.

It's gotten so weird that I'm known as the guy who loves CSS. I'm proud that I like CSS.

Is in the "old" tech that nobody cares about and should, along with: SQL, HTML, C and everything without a GUI.

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