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re: I'm not a fan of Gulp. I don't see a good place for it. If you want to run tasks on files, there's Grunt. And then if you want to use modular javas...

Gulp and Grunt is in the same place to me. Both task runners and highly configurable, and I used both for years to success, but if given the choice between ONLY those two, I'd go with with Gulp any day. To use gulp, you have a minimal API surface, and then you are good. It's all just JS from there, so you can code your way out of any problem.

Grunt ... so much implicit knowledge that needs to be in place to get a lot of stuff done because the interpolation in the Grunt templates get in the way. Here are some ancient posts that required me to read the entire source code of Grunt (long night) to solve my issues:

These days I don't use either. I just use NPM as the task runner and if the task can't fit in a short line, I delegate to a plain Node script.

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