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Discussion on: From developing cooks to developing code

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Konstantin Klima

Reading this made my heart swell!
I originally trained to be a chef, driven by passion for cooking, and I graduated high school with honors and started working at a five-star in my hometown. After a few months I began to realise the toxicity of the industry, and I slowly moved away from the kitchen into managment by starting college. It took me two more years to realise that I would never be able to achive a work-life balance in hospitality - even F&Bs have to be on call 24/7.BThat's when I decided to move into IT - I restarted college, this time with a CS major and I'm currently in my last year.

As sad as it is, the hospitality industry sucks the life force out of people. I'm extremely glad that you've taken the steps necessary to create a balanced career path! This brings me to my point: there are countless forces inside IT that strive to make it as relentless as hospitality. From managers pushing unreasonable sprints to developers spilling around talks of productivity hacking and importance of coding in your spare time and on the weekends.

It will be up to people like us to safeguard against such forces, having seen what imposing impossible industry-wide standards can do to people and their mental health. Driven by our previous work and lifestyles, it's easier for us to fall into the trap of "it's just a bit of overtime", but it is an urge we have to resist, not just for our sakes, but for the sake of every developer, present and future.

I wish you all the luck on your journey! May it bring you more sleep and fewer burns! ^^

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Carman Mach Author

Thank you for your insight and bravo to you for going back to school! I am hoping I will land a position within a company that has the same work-values as I have. But, I know not all companies will have this as a priority... even in the tech industry! I do plan on being an advocate for worklife balance and prioritize mental health, it's often looked over and needs to be focused upon. Good luck on your journey as well!