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Discussion on: Different ways to fetch data in Next.js (server-side) and when to use them

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Konstantin Rouda • Edited on

Nice article. You could also say a word about using getStaticProps with Incremental Static Regeneration which allows you to use both statically generated content with dynamic updates when needed.

Here's what Next.JS documentation says about it:
Inspired by stale-while-revalidate, background regeneration ensures traffic is served uninterruptedly, always from static storage, and the newly built page is pushed only after it's done generating.


function Blog({ posts }) {
  return (
      { => (

// This function gets called at build time on server-side.
// It may be called again, on a serverless function, if
// revalidation is enabled and a new request comes in
export async function getStaticProps() {
  const res = await fetch('https://.../posts')
  const posts = await res.json()

  return {
    props: {
    // Next.js will attempt to re-generate the page:
    // - When a request comes in
    // - At most once every second
    revalidate: 1, // In seconds

export default Blog
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James Wallis Author

Thanks for adding this! I’ve used it before and it’s pretty slick.