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Discussion on: Create Express Typescript Boilerplate

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Steve Lebleu

Hi there ! Thanks for sharing ! Here is another package to start with express, typescript and typeorm:

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REST API boilerplate with Typescript, Express.js, Typeorm and Mocha.

Typescript / Express / Typeorm REST API boilerplate

Node TypeScript Express Typeorm Mocha

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MIT Licence

Ready to use RESTful API boilerplate builded with Express.js, Typescript TypeORM and Mocha. 🀘

Thanks to Daniel F. Sousa for inspiration with her Express ES2017 REST API boilerplate 🍺 🍺 🍺

> Features

  • Basics
    • Clear & clean code architecture with classic layers such controllers, services, repositories, models, ...
    • Object Relational Mapping with typeorm.
    • Entity generation with rsgen.
    • Business validation with self designed business members.
    • Logs management with morgan and winston.
    • Changelog completion with auto-changelog.
    • Testing with included unit and e2e test sets builded with mocha, chai, sinon and supertest.
    • Documentation with api-doc.
  • Security
    • SSL secure connection with native HTTPS node module.
    • Cross Origin Resource Sharing with CORS.
    • Securized HTTP headers with helmet.
    • HTTP header pollution preventing with hpp.
    • API request rate limit with express-rate-limit.
    • Route validation with joi.
    • HTTP friendly errors with boom and…

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Dantis Mai Author

that is huge template!!! πŸš€