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re: I appreciate the write up but if you need a descheduler to undo what a scheduler did is that not a problem? Not trying to sound snarky but this se...

For most, this behaviour is not a problem. Descheduler is not used that much meaning that you can live without it just fine. But, if you find there is a missing piece as I did for my particular environment, it is an "easy fix". The whole point of yaml in k8s is to programmatically describe the behavior of your app. You can use Helm to make templates and easy installations. k8s is complex and I'm not denying it, but for me, it works really well. How much experience do you have with k8s, did you tried it, using it already or just considering?


Yes. I used it at several workplaces and at one place we were even making a custom distribution.

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