Run React-Frontend and Nodejs-Backend with one command

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Before frontend frameworks came out, we just needed to run the backend and open localhost with the browser.

However, now we need to run the frontend and the backend. I think they are not too much work but, I sometimes run more than 4 programs and open many iTerm's tabs. Then get an error since I tried to use the same port which is totally my mistake, but I sometimes want to shout WTF??????


  1. Install concurrently
  2. Add proxy to frontend package.json
  3. Modify package.json script

step1 install concurrently

I like this npm package because easy to use lol.

Basically, I use this to run a couple of things together.

For example, my npm run dev is including tslint, build and run webpack-server

$ npm install --save-dev concurrently


step2 Add proxy

In this case, nodejs(backend) is using port 8080.

"proxy": "http://localhost:8080"

step3 Modify package.json

This case is using npm start to start frontend and backend.

 "scripts": {
 "client": cd client && npm start",
 "server": “cd server && npm start",
 "dev": concurrently \"npm run server\" \"npm run client\""


$ npm run dev

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I am using express server for back-end and react for front-end. my instructor, in video use script as follow in package.json
"dev": "npm run dev-client & nodemon index.js"
when he run on terminal the following command
npm run dev
both terminals run with this command, but when i try to use following pattern, only the front end run...


"dev": "npm run dev-client & nodemon index.js"

It should be "dev": "npm run dev-client && nodemon index.js".


It also was not working but for now Issue has been resolved by installing concurrently using
npm i concurrently --save
and changing dev script by
"dev": "concurrently \"npm run dev-client\" \"nodemon index.js\""

Thanx a lot for your kind response, that is a lot for me.
Thank you @koji