Expose Who’s Liked You on Tinder with js

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I just saw this article.


According to the article, Tinder is using CSS, filter: blur(12px;).

This totally makes sense for a web application since generating masked images would need some work.

I checked the web app and knew that Tinder is using react and it prevents accessing the Who's Liked page directly.

  1. Go to https://tinder.com/app/recs
  2. Go to https://tinder.com/app/likes-you by clicking the photo in the sidebar
  3. Open Chrome Developer Tools
  4. Paste the following code on your console
const getPiclinks = () => {
  const all = document.querySelectorAll(".StretchedBox");
  const start = all.length/2; // divide by 2 because StretchedBox class is also used by the div in the side bar 
  const end = all.length;
  for(let i=start; i<end; i++) {
    const url = all[i].style.cssText.replace('background-image: url("', '').replace(")", '');
  1. Run the function
    type getPiclinks on your console

  2. Click the links console shows
    You will see links to the image.

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Tinder's security is pretty bad. when accessing somesones profile you can then switch position and pinpoint where they are located.

By changing positions you can get the distance you can then extrapolate circles and get the intersections. It was a fun weekend project you should give it a try.


Don't need JS to print a zero


Lol, the best comment ever! :'D


I’d love to try this, but ..... never mind 😔


Maybe just try dating?
Or turn this into a product? My friend split with his girlfriend recently and started on Tinder again.


I just play the site and I don't use Tinder except of doing something with code lol


Right now, with this orwellian lockdown - tinder and online dating may be most people's only hope.



Hahahahahaha this is great. I didn't even know Tinder had a web app till I saw this. The only issue is the unblurred pics are really low quality, but it was still worth it


You comment everywhere!


I think it stopped working :(


Thank you for letting me know that.

I think this is a good sign lol.
Seems that Tinder generates a blurred image from one of a user's photos.