What's your experience with learning informatics at school?

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I'm really surprised to see how low people's expectations are when I mention that I'm learning programming (and networking, databases, project management etc.) at school.

The school I'm visiting is a so called HTL (Höhere Technische Lehranstalt) which is kind of the equivalent to high school, but specialized to technical stuff and has different departments - I'm visiting the informatics one. It covers the grades 9 - 13 (so it lasts 5 years).

I'm 16 y/o and currently in 11th grade (so in year 3 out of 5 at this school). We started out with C in the first year and learned the programming basics using it for over a year. We've been learning Java ever since, which's basically the focus of the education.

I'm one of few people in my year that's really into tech (especially programming) in my free time. Most of them seem like they're just looking for a high-payed job, which is actually totally fine and they've got a right to do so, but I'd enjoy having a little more tech-enthusiastic people as my real-life friends.

Recently I wrote with a guy I meet through Discord and told him I'm learning Java at school. He was very skeptical and in general I've got to say that most of the people on the web seem like they're not thrilled by their school's technical education - even though it's centered around it.

I'm wondering what the situation's like at your current/last school? Is/was your school specialized on informatics or something similar? How's the education and are the teachers into tech as well and know what they're speaking of?

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I was graduated from Vocational High School. We called it SMK. It stands for Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan. Yes, its equivalent to high school. My school only has 2 fields, Software Engineering and Network Engineering. I graduate from software engineering. Talking about the education, my school curriculum is based on industry standard. Some of the teacher was an engineer, so i feel the teachers here are competent. They knew what they are speaking of. A few years ago, one of my teacher told us that our government adapt our school curriculum.


Im 17 and in an apprenticeship doing software development (web) in London.
My first experience with programming was in school, i took a new introduced topic, Computer Science which involved alot of practical work with VB, Python and SQL which was cool as it helped me get into the position im in now.

However there arent many teachers / experienced enough people in the UK to teach Computing. Theres a real shortage... which is a shame as many young people dont get to experience Development enough to consider it as a career path.


I was one of those people in that time who used so much technology (programming particularly) in my free time. Had he dissertation assistance? Most of them seem to be looking for a high tech job, which is a complete story and they have the right to do so, but I enjoy having a few talented ones like my real ones. friends of the world.