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Windows 11: Change mouse sensitivity

The easiest way to interact with Windows 11 is through the mouse. This allows us to select and perform tasks with some precision. However, the mouse connected to your computer can work with different cursor movement speeds, or what is the same, with a greater or lesser sensitivity. This mouse sensitivity refers to how a small physical movement of the mouse affects the virtual movement of the cursor on your computer screen.

Windows 11, like previous versions of the Microsoft operating system, has the ability to change the sensitivity of the mouse in different ways. An increase in sensitivity means that a small movement of the mouse will result in a large and fast movement of the virtual cursor on your computer screen.

On the contrary, if we decrease the sensitivity of the mouse, it will mean that to move the virtual cursor the same distance, you will have to make a greater physical movement of the mouse. In addition, you must bear in mind that the cursor will give the sensation of a much slower movement.

Mouse speed settings in Windows 11 are really personal, so the default setting may not be to your liking. For example, poor sensitivity settings can be frustrating: a mouse that isn't fast enough can cause you to have to pick up the physical mouse multiple times to move the cursor across the screen.

As we have mentioned, there are several ways to set mouse cursor speed in Windows 11. In this tutorial we will show you two ways to set mouse sensitivity on your Windows 11 computer :

Change mouse sensitivity from Windows 11 settings Menu.
Use the keyboard shortcut: Windows Key + I

When the Settings app opens, in the left menu select the section: Bluetooth and devices

Now in the right part of the window you will have to select the option: Mouse.

In the new configuration screen you will find the option: Mouse pointer speed

Next to it you will find a slider that you can slide to the right to increase the speed/sensitivity or to the left to decrease the speed/sensitivity.

Once everything is to your liking, you can now close the Settings app and enjoy the new mouse speed on your Windows 11 computer.

How to change the mouse speed in Windows 11 from the control panel
Use Windows 11 search to find and open Control Panel
Once the Control Panel window opens, use the built-in search with the term: Mouse

Now in the search results select the option: Change the appearance or speed of the mouse pointer .

A window will open to the Pointer Options tab. Here you will see the Movement section.

Move the slider towards Slow for lower mouse sensitivity or towards Fast for higher sensitivity.

Finally, you just have to click on the OK button to save the new settings.

Alternative for gaming mouse settings in Windows 11.
If you use a specific video game mouse, you should know that the manufacturers of these devices generally provide specific software for their configuration. You can download this software from the manufacturer's official website. After installing it, this program will offer you different settings, among which is the speed or sensitivity of the mouse connected to your Windows 11 computer.

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