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Could not insert new outlet connection could not find any information for the class named

Can a person claim that he has never done anything mistake, is there anyone in this world who is free from doing mistakes? The answer is a big no, every human being on this planet makes mistakes and learns from his mistakes. Making mistakes and learning from them is a developing process. As a coder I also make mistakes, it doesn't always happen but it does happen because I am a normal human being and I think like normal human beings. Making mistakes is normal human behavior and learning from these mistakes is a positive process. The journey of human development will be on halt if human being stops learning. This article discusses one of the common errors that can usually be faced by a coder working on Xcode and swift.

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Table of Content:
1 - What is Could not insert new outlet connection could not find any information for the class named
2 - What are the prominent reasons for this error
3 - The Solution
4 - The Conclusion

What is Could not insert new outlet connection could not find any information for the class named
The UIViewController class describes the behavior that all view controllers have in common. The UIViewController class is rarely explicitly instantiated. Instead, you create a subclass of UIViewController and add the methods and attributes needed to manage the view controller's hierarchy. A view controller is inextricably linked to the views it maintains, and it participates in the handling of events in the view hierarchy. View controllers are UIResponder objects that are introduced into the responder chain between the view controller's root view and that view's super view, which is usually from another view controller. If none of the views in the view controller handle an event, the view controller has the option of handling it or passing it on to the super view.

What are the prominent reasons for this error
There are two possible reasons for coding errors one is a syntax error and the second is a spelling mistake. This is usually caused by refactoring your code; for example, if you renamed the view controller, you'd almost certainly get this error: I was unable to connect a new outlet: In the Swift language, there is no class named ViewController. However, when I went to connect a UIButton, I got an error Could not insert new outlet connection could not find any information for the class named. I pressed on and managed to get it working. However, I now have a button that is connected to two outlets one called the button and one called button action. When you press the button nothing happens because there is an error in your code.

The Solution
Here are some options for resolving this (in order of difficulty)

Clean the project (Product > Clean) then paste it in manually.

@IBOutlet weak var viewName: UIView!

// or

@IBAction func viewTapped(_ sender: Any) { }
Then apply the control drag to it (As needed, change the kind.)

Shut down Xcode completely and restart your project.

(Go to Xcode > Preferences > Locations and click the grey arrow next to the Derived Data folder to delete it.) Then remove your project folder from your computer.)

Delete the class, remove the reference (not Move to Trash), then re-add it.

The Conclusion
I'm going to leave you with a joke which is quite fitting for this particular problem: How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb? None, that's a hardware problem.

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