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Discussion on: Dgraph is the most exciting tech product I've ever used ❤️‍🔥. Here's Why:

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Ben Woodward Author


I tried Hasura, the GraphQL API it generates is fantastic. However, you're still stuck with n+1 challenges with Hasura, plus you have to do a lot of table configuration. I don't need to set up Postgres tables, and carefully design my schema around potential performance bottlenecks in Dgraph—I just upload a .graphql file that lists all my types and it generates the API.

After using Dgraph for a few months, I really don't want to have to deal with relational databases again. Dgraph is the default persistence layer for anything I build now.

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Vinícius Ferreira

Dgraph is the kind of the tech that is so amazing that it seems too good to be true, I'm blown away by it.

I'm considering it for my new projects. And Hasura for the ones that are already built with relational databases.

Thanks for sharing!