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Discussion on: Why I no longer use GraphQL for new projects

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Ben Woodward • Edited on

GraphQL provides a lot of flexibility on the client side but this means that we cannot optimize as aggressively on the server.'

Making sure that our GraphQL server is performant requires discipline and care. It's questionable if this investment is justified unless the team is already well versed in GraphQL performance. For example the team will need to know how to utilize dataloaders to avoid n + 1 queries.

This was my experience building a GraphQL API with Elixir + Postgres. Ran into all kinds of n+1 issues. Dgraph solved all these problems for me, it's allowed me to ship a scalable GraphQL backend with minimal effort as a team of one. Pretty incredible tech, I wrote a summary here:

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Luke Shiru

I was about to suggest DGraph as well. Such an amazing tech 💖