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Discussion on: Destructuring Assignment in ES6- Arrays

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Prosper Opara

This is an awesome piece..

I have some questions

let [greet = "hello world", name = "sarah"] = ["hello"];

console.log(greet); // returns "hello"

why is is overriding the default value assigned to hello?

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Sayo Paul

I am not sure I understand your question fully but like the article explains , in this case , the array contains one element , "hello" and thus it overrides the default value of the first variable greet whilst the second variable is its default value as the array doesn't have a second element 🙂 .

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greet = "hello world" is just a default value , if there is the value in first element in parent array then it will get overridden for sure. That is what default value is made for.

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George Arthur

I think the question isn't that clear. Variables available are 'greet' and 'name' to which they both have default values. However, "greet" is assigned a value from Destructuring and thus will now return that value i.e ("hello") instead of it's default value give at initialization.