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How We Made Our Serverless Login System

Hi! Manushifva here. In this post, i will tell you all, how we made our serverless login system. Is it possible?


Sometime, i need a login system for my blog post. But, my blog doesn't support any server-side. So, i search for an hour about serverless login system, but i found nothing. On that day, i dedicated to myself to build the serverless login system.

Is it really serverless?

Maybe no. Because, we need a still need a server for validating login status, store users data, and more many things. But, we can put the server remotely.

How it's work?

Here it's the explaination:

And, how to verifing if the user is login?


So, why we need the hash?

Hash is the unique identifier for user's login session. Why we don't save the user and password directy? Simple. It's not secure, and it's not practical.

How strong the hash is?

Hash is built with 60 characthers, with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. I've test the password with the password bruteforcer. Here is the result:
Bruteforcer result

Does this project work with Github Pages?

Yes! This project work with Github Pages.


Thanks for read this. If you wan't to try this login system, you can get this for free at our website:

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