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Discussion on: ⚙️ How to install Brotli module for Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04+

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Vic Shóstak Author

Hi, Alan. Great addition to the article! 👍

Unfortunately, (in my practice) it was not necessary to do the actions you described.

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Vadim Makeev • Edited

I got the same error with exactly the same solution: to init submodules:

checking for getaddrinfo() ... found
configuring additional dynamic modules
adding module in ../ngx_brotli

./configure: error: Brotli library is missing from the /usr directory.

Please make sure that the git submodule has been checked out:

    cd ../ngx_brotli && git submodule update --init && cd /root/nginx-1.19.10
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Once I did that everything went well. It might be that in other tutorials they suggest cloning brotli with git clone --recursive command. Thank you for the article!

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