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Family Feud with React - GH Pages - Firebase

kodaman2 profile image Fernando B 🚀 ・1 min read

So hacktoberfest is around the corner, and what better way to contribute than making a cool game. Now this won't be just another clone. I had been thinking about the design for a while, and the one thing that people fail to add to this game is the questions. People don't want to create 50 questions, on a Sunday game night.

The overall game plan is as follows:

  • UI will be rendered with github pages with react web.
  • There will be authentication with firebase, so people can vote, post, make questions lists, and also save game data.
  • I will use firebase for the database.
  • Game will be fully playable through browser
  • Game can also run as localhost, and connect to firebase

Join me on, and together we can make awesome software to promote OSS

How far can we make it in one month?


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Coding space junkie with a sprinkle of writer heart. DMs open for any questions or comments. 🙂


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Can you share more about the design you have in mind?


Hey Rami I'll be posting design on repo, and I'll create another dev post when I do. Stay tuned.