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re: To me, it was very weird to see him acting this way. I enjoyed his videos(before bulldog mindset xD) and even bought one of his books. I took his ...

Well he's made good amount for through the years, maybe he just doesn't care to show his colors now.

If it was one tweet and he apologized I'd be ok, everyone makes mistakes but yesterday was sort of a rampage, and blatant disrespectful to a lot of people. He talked about SJW, I guarantee you he wouldn't be saying all those things on people's faces in real life, in a way his a social media bully hiding behind a keyboard.


One thing is for sure -- he's not going to get a lot of opportunities to say these things to people's faces in the future. Conferences will take a pass on him in the months and years ahead.


He started Bulldog Mindset which is aimed at young men. I think that got him involved in the "men's right" people which led us here.

I have no problem in people promoting a certain mindset, but just don't disrespect everyone along the way and think is ok.

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