Blocking feature?

kodaman2 profile image Fernando B 🚀 ・1 min read

I have seen that we can now block users in case they are spam. At least I think is a new feature I had not seen it before.

Lately I have been noticing tons of articles from non English writers that I can't read nor do I wanna see. Some span for like 10+ articles one after another.

Even after blocking user I am still seeing their articles, what can I do to minimize this issue on my feed?


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It would be useful maybe not to block the user but somehow detect the language and have option to see only articles for preffered languages. Or maybe force users to choose language when writting article. But this way you can only hope they choose right language. Anyway it's a good thing to have preferred language but how to implement hidding should be researched.


Yeah actually that's a good idea. I really don't like blocking people especially if they follow me but man one had like 20 articles back to back on my feed and it was just a link too.

I'm going to see if I can do the user with negative value like on tags.
Edit: Can't do tag weight for users. :(


Just translated the Turkish posts and they are literally spam back to back about furniture. Multiple accounts too, he blocked me after I said something. He said he's just doing SEO for his company which I'm not sure that's allowed to do.

I saw some spam posts an reported them. I guess they were Turkish but I'm not sure. Anyway hope we get the language feature as there's some other posts like Spanish that are ok(i see the codd and pictures and on them) but I don't know those languages.

Yeah I'm not bashing against other languages just spam SEO about furniture has nothing to do with dev.to and he was doing tons per hour. Yeah language filter would be great, or something to hide users like the tag weight. Blocking is good but only for spam accounts but their content is still visible to you even after blocking.