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This is just a simple demonstration to get a basic understanding of how kubernetes works while working step by step. I learnt kubernetes like this and made this repo to solve some problems that I faced during my learning experience so that it might help other beginners. We won't be going into depth about docker 😊 but will see sufficient content to get you basic understanding to learn and work with kubernetes. ✌️ Hope you enjoy learning. If you like it please give it a 🌟.

Important :- By seeing size of readme you might have second thoughts but to be honest if you work from start you won't experience any problem and learn along the way.

Link to Github

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Wow! it looks endless! This is precisely what a programmer needs to reed :)
I will surely read a part about Kubernetes.
I've tried to use it, but it was a simple tiny project, so I hadn't fallen deep in it.
I hope your notes will shed light on this topic for me.