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What Kind Of Web Applications Can You Build With Laravel?

Alex Knight
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PHP is one of the oldest, yet most popular web development languages on the internet. More than 75% of all the websites are built using PHP. and like the language, its framework Laravel is also very famous. It is an open-source PHP framework that is popular because of its best features and functions.  

Laravel is the most trending PHP framework for server-side programming and is one of the largest repositories on Github. It has tons of libraries with code documentation, classes and functions to help build web applications faster. Laravel is a reliable, powerful tool for building big, robust applications.  

Laravel is a superb tool that can be used to build any web application developers can think of.  

Best features of Laravel development services  

  • MVC Architecture  

The MVC architecture pattern of Laravel easily distinguishes between logic and presentation layers. The MVC pattern has tons of built-in functions for faster application development, security, scalability and performance. It also enhances the documentation of the application.  

  • Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapping) 

The main feature of eloquent ORM is that it consists of a PHP active record implementation. This simple feature lets developers write code faster in PHP syntax than other frameworks. Thus the application time to market is significantly reduced.  

  • Security  

Laravel framework offers the best web app security among all the others. It works on hashed and salted password techniques which never saves passwords as plain text. In addition with Its Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm which generates and encrypts passwords. The use of both these technologies makes Laravel a good framework for developing web apps that have user login and password features.  

  • Unit testing  

This feature of Laravel makes it possible to test new updates and changes without interrupting the working of the app. Multiple tests can be done simultaneously in Laravel applications. This feature makes the apps run smoothly without any downtime.  

  • Libraries  

Laravel has pre-installed modular libraries which help to make responsive web apps that are easy to navigate. These libraries are not present in many other PHP frameworks.  

Laravel also has object-oriented libraries which support advanced features like password reset, encryption and more.  

  • Templates  

Laravel development supports dynamic content seeding. This helps in creating impressive layouts which makes website design simple and elegant.  

  • Authentication  

Another feature that adds to the security of Laravel application development. It allows owners to authenticate valid user data.  

Types of web applications that can be built with Laravel development services  

University management system  

A web application developed with Laravel has numerous possibilities to manage any feature for a school or university management system. Various features that can be built are: 

For students -  

  • Unique user id and password for student  
  • Class schedule access  
  • View attendance  
  • Exam timetables 
  • Syllabus access  
  • Homework and project submission  

For faculties - 

  • A user id and password for login  
  • Class schedule  
  • View student attendance sheets 
  • Building subject modules and study materials 
  • Examination timetables and papers  
  • Access to student’s submitted homework and projects  
  • Students performance analysis  

For parents -  

  • A user id and password login  
  • Access their kid's attendance, mark sheets and report cards  
  • Analysis of their ward’ performance  
  • Study and class routine  

For management - 

  • Storing faculty details  
  • Storing students information  
  • Hostel management  
  • Control over activities  
  • Notification to the users  

ERP Management System  

ERP management systems are focused on managing employees and increasing their productivity. It can have many functions like: 

  • Management of all projects, tasks and responsible employees at one place  
  • HR section to help store and manage all employee’s information  
  • Track and update all the inventory through modules  
  • Balance sheet and payments tracking for accounting and finance department  
  • Storage of all Sales and marketing material, documents, templates  
  • Easy communication and collaboration across a company  
  • Analyzation and report building  

Ecommerce store  

Even if your business has a website or mobile app, an eCommerce store connects potential customers with your business differently. It bridges the gap between products and customers online. Some features which you must consider for an eCommerce store are: 

  • Customers registration through login and password  
  • Creative and enticing interface for buyers  
  • Sellers permission to set and manage account details on settings dashboards 
  • Order tracking for both sellers and buyers  
  • Unique landing pages for each product, categorization and filters  
  • Shopping cart  
  • Coupon code and offers  
  • Price comparison between products  
  • Customers review and star ratings  
  • Secure payment gateway and checkout  
  • Tracking of orders, refunds and returns  

Hospital management system  

Hospitals and healthcare institutes have so many things going on at once. Laravel development service provides different modules and section to manage them simultaneously, such as:  

  • Patient records for easy treatment and progress tracking  
  • Doctors can manage all their patients at a centralized system  
  • Patients records, history and prescription  
  • An appointment calendar for doctors and physician   
  • Admin management for the complete control of hospital  
  • Dashboard for nurses and doctors to get patients medical treatment records quickly  
  • Appointment booking software for patients  
  • Easy communication between doctors and patients  
  • All hospital operation management  
  • Payment transaction options including cards and wallets 
  • A patient can access their medications, prescriptions, precious surgeries and more  

CRM system  

This software is built to manage customers and their data. Some features which a CRM system can have: 

  • Interesting UI/UX interface  
  • Project management  
  • Leads management with notes and files  
  • Streamlined Sales and marketing department processes  
  • Easy customization for employees  
  • Boost customer retention  
  • Track payment options  
  • Reports of present and future sales  
  • Invoice generation  

Summing Up  

Picking the right platform to develop a web application is the crucial first step towards successful project development and deployment.  

In this article, you have seen how apps built with Laravel have multiple features as per the industry and business needs.  

To know more contact Laravel development company and get the best features for your web app.  

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