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Outsource PHP Development Services to Build Modern Web Applications

knightcis profile image Alex Knight ・4 min read

In the last decade, the demand and usage of advanced web applications have shot up, keeping in sync with the evolution of web technologies. Internet users are no longer limited to using desktop websites, and they prefer using sleek web apps and mobile sites more. There are many applications and frameworks that developers use for creating modern web apps, but PHP is a top contender. The popularity of custom php web development remains high despite the emergence of many competing web development applications. 

Why PHP is preferred choice for web app development

PHP is a widely-used Open-Source server-side scripting language that powers a significant section of the web. Over the years, the number of frameworks based on the language has increased as well. These Frameworks, like Laravel and Codeigniter, are much sought after in web development circles. These enable the developers to create feature-laden, modern web apps. 

The main reasons behind developers choosing PHP platforms for web app creation include:

  • Cross-platform support
  • Embedded module for database connectivity
  • Open Source nature
  • Ample security features
  • Ease of usage
  • Ample customization options

Why outsource PHP development services for developing modern web apps

For any business, there are two ways to develop PHP-based web applications. Either it can hire a regional PHP development company offering PHP site/app development services, or it can get the task accomplished through outsourcing. In fact, there are thousands of businesses based in the European countries and the USA that opt for the latter method! If you are thinking of PHP development outsourcing for web app creation, it is necessary that you know the benefits.

  • No compromise with quality- When you outsource PHP web development, the prospect of getting a high-quality, functional web app is high. The Asian software firms that offer PHP outsourcing services are known for their focus on quality. They keep talented software engineers and PHP developers in their team. So, they are able to deliver high-quality web apps as per client requirements.

  • Cost-saving- This is possibly the biggest advantage of getting PHP web development outsourced. The php outsourcing companies are mostly based in Asian countries. They offer PHP web app creation at lower rates compared to offshore agencies. That is why the US and European businesses make a beeline for such outsourcing agencies for PHP web app development needs. Availing the service at lower rates benefits the businesses, and they can invest the saved money in other areas.

  • The industry-best talent- The majority of PHP outsourcing agencies acquire talented developers and programmers with expertise in PHP and other web development technologies. They also recruit professionals from the top institutes and universities every year. 

  • Timely delivery- For businesses seeking services of PHP web app development outsourcing agencies, timing is very important. They want timely delivery of the apps. The good thing is the top PHP outsourcing agencies are punctual, and they also deliver projects before the stipulated deadline. However, they ensure the apps undergo elaborate testing prior to delivery.

  • Security- Whether you are getting a website developed or a web app, it is just not possible to overlook the security aspect. The instances of malicious hackers targeting business websites and apps are on the rise- worldwide. So, you have to think of app security aspects when picking a php web development company. The nice thing is most PHP development outsourcing agencies pay special attention to the security aspect.

  • Feasible service terms- When you opt for services of a PHP app development outsourcing agency, the feasibility of the service term is something you have to check. This may vary from one company to another. However, most of these agencies offer feasible service terms. They often agree to work as per the time zone of client companies. So, syncing in-house and offshore project work becomes smoother and streamlined.

  • Latest technologies- When you avail of services of PHP web app development outsourcing companies, you get access to the latest technologies. These agencies are known for using the latest version of PHP and PHP-frameworks. So, your web app is laden with useful features.

  • Professionalism- The majority of PHP web app development outsourcing providers is professional. They keep clients informed of their working mechanism from the beginning. In fact, they are likely to explain to you the nuances of the workflow at the beginning. They usually wrap a project in a number of stages, and the clients get updated on app development progress in a systematic manner. They also explain project cost-related aspects clearly. So, you will not have to cope with additional charges.

  • Robust support- When you get a PHP web app developed, it is necessary to think of the support offered by the developers, for sure. What if the app develops a snag or you discover a bug unexpectedly! In such situations, prompt support by the app developer can salvage the situation. The PHP web development outsourcing entities offer round-the-clock support. You can expect to get multi-channel support from these agencies, too.

  • Clear communication– The PHP development outsourcing providers are typically proficient in English. Some of them also have employees well versed in other European languages. So, language and communication barriers do not exist when you opt for their services. 

Choosing between a PHP development agency and a freelance developer

There is simply no shortage of PHP web app development outsourcing companies. They offer competitive rates and feasible working terms too. However, that does not mean you cannot hire a freelance PHP web app developer! There are such PHP developers with decade-long expertise, and they also have high-profile clients. You need to assess the agencies as well as a freelance developer using aspects like experience, client-base, testimonials, response type, etc. Of course, you need to check out the web apps created by the agency or developer thoroughly.

Summing up

The advantages of getting PHP web apps developed through outsourcing are quite obvious. Your business gains in many ways by seeking the services of these agencies. However, it is prudent that you keep some time for assessing the outsourcing agencies in this regard. If necessary, you may utilize professional references for hiring the best contender. 

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