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Discussion on: Secure authentication in Nuxt SPA with Laravel as back-end

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Kiril Lukiyan

Sorry for newbs question. What is that proxy for?

In order for this to work we need to make a proxy that will make request to our own API. It might seems confusing at first but once we're done it will make perfect sense.

Still don't understand it.

Thank you

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StefanT123 Author

Because we don't want our Passport client_secret exposed, so we are sending it with a proxy that's made in our backend along with the credentials that came from our frontend.


    $params = array_merge([
        'client_id' => config('services.passport.password_client_id'),
        'client_secret' => config('services.passport.password_client_secret'),
        'scope' => '*',
    ], $params);