Visual Regression Testing is Stupid (but we can fix it)

Kevin Lamping on December 13, 2018

The title of this post might seem odd coming from a guy who helps run a site on Visual Regression Testing (and has given many talks on the subject)... [Read Full]
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The mouth on the right is bigger.


They're different pictures. I can tell because of the pixels.


Actually, everything on the right is bigger. I think it's zoomed in.


if you cross your eyes until both images overlap and then let the composite image come into focus, the difference will shimmer a bit


Dead on - the mouth on the space ship was shimmering for me.


You just called something "stupid" as if it was a fact, on the title, and then: "#healthydebate".


Hmm, yeah, good point. Kevin, since this is more of a write-up than a discussion, the #healthydebate tag doesn't apply. #showdev might be more suitable.


Went ahead and removed the tag. Thanks for the feedback!

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