Discussion on: I just got a Raspberry Pi 3. What can I do with it?

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< and then SSH from there into other machines in my network.

How you do this? I can access my network with Zerotier, but only those clients that have zerotier installed, not the rest

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Vincent Milum Jr

1) Install ZeroTier on a laptop.
2) Then install ZeroTier on a Pi.
3) Have the Pi sitting at home. Take the laptop out of the house (I travel frequently, so this is normal for me).
4) Use the Pi's ZT address to SSH into it from the laptop.
5) While inside of the Pi's SSH session, use THAT to SSH into other nodes on the Pi's LAN.

I also use a Yubikey with PuTTY for SSH authentication. PuTTY supports agent forwarding, so my Yubikey will also allow authentication to other nodes within the network.