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Discussion on: Node.js Certification: My Experience and Advice

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Konstantin Komelin Author • Edited

Of course Ali. It's everything I mentioned in the Preparation section. Node Cookbook is good, in particular.

Here is how I would work with the book:
1) Read an article.
2) Try to understand everything from it.
3) Learn NPM documentation for each package mentioned in the article.
4) Refer to Node docs if anything is still unclear (Node 10).
5) Try to solve all problems from the article yourself (at least reproduce solutions from the article).

And what's more important from my perspective is to practice regularly. Don't skip a day. If you decided to take the exam, schedule it and prepare to it every day at least for 30 mins. Immerse yourself in the context of Node, even if your daily work is not related to it. It's like with language learning.

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Ali Khan

Thanks Again!😊