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Discussion on: Did I try looking for a job too fast?

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Kelly Wong

Getting a job in this industry is not a one time only event. It takes effort to break into a field. The first thing I would do is search job sites for any job that seems like a match for your skills and apply. You don't have to check off every box, but do try to stay in the same major area. For example, if you can write Javascript but not a specific framework, still consider that a possible job. It doesn't cost you anything to apply. It's not your job to filter yourself out, it's the company's.

If you want to stand out more, then I would work on a personal project to showcase your skills. It doesn't have to be anything too fancy but you should be able to proudly show it to a potential employer. I would continually add features over time to keep it fresh in my mind and learn new things. This demonstrates your ability to write maintainable code and pick up new technologies, both essential for any developer.

Right now, with developers in such high demand, I'm sure there is a job out there for you, you have to go out there and find it. Spread your net as wide as you can. As Jess mentioned, going to meetups and talking with more people will increase the chance you'll find your opportunity. If you have another job, I wouldn't quit it just yet because it can be a bit of a slog when you're just starting out. But if you really want to get in, no you didn't miss your chance. Meet more people in the industry. Keep improving your skills. You will get in eventually.