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C# Dictionaries

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Decided to make a small console application about the future of medicine
from a National Geographic January 2019 article. I added my interpenetration to the content.

Click here to vie Future of Medicine in Replit


using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;

class MainClass {
  public static void Main (string[] args)



    private static void HealthTwentyThirty()
        Dictionary<string, string> monitoringHealth = new Dictionary<string, string>();

        monitoringHealth.Add("Sleeping", "Advances in electrodes small and flexible " +
            "enough to fit in textiles\n has lead to pillowcases and sheets able to monitor" +
            "brain waves " +
            " \n and sleep patterns.");

        monitoringHealth.Add("Walking", "Toliets that check urine and stool for diseases " +
            "have been developed.\n Smart mirrors measure vital signs with radar, " +
            "\n and tootbrushes analyze saliva.");

        monitoringHealth.Add("Kitchen", "Smart refrigerators are monitoring the food stored " +
            "\n as well recording nutritional information, food quality, and dietary habits.");

        monitoringHealth.Add("Plugged", "Smart analyze patterns of depression, address potential of health issues.");

        monitoringHealth.Add("Car", "Car sensors warn drivers about dangerous pollution levels." +
            "\n hight blood alcohol content detected on the breath, and driving that" +
            "\n indicates stress and drowsiness.");

        monitoringHealth.Add("Run", "Smart wearables track exercise vital signs, UV exposure, while a smart bra" +
            " \n might detect breast cancer.");

        monitoringHealth.Add("Body", "Contact lenses check pressure and glucose levels in the eye" +
            " \n Implantable technologies already monitor cardiac activity, nitrogen, " +
            " \n and oxygen levels.");

        monitoringHealth.Add("Lab", "Electronic noses detect volatile organic compounds in the breath" +
            " \n secreations such as sweat and saliva to find \"smellprints\" of dieases, including" +
            " \n lung ovarian cancer.");

        foreach (var health in monitoringHealth)
            Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.Yellow;
            Console.Write($" {health.Key.ToUpper()}");
            Console.WriteLine($"\n {health.Value}\n");

        Console.WriteLine("\n Source: National Geographic 1/2019 issue \n");

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