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Kiron Roy

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An Elegant C# Tutorial

Lately, I have been busy practicing my C# skills with this YouTube Tutorial by Tim Corey.

It is an excellent free course for the intermediate to advanced level, but I jumped into this project as a beginner (Studying for 1 year).

These are the reasons why:

  • Bigger picture: I want to see how app is developed and navigate Visual Studio better.
  • Learn how to use Git properly within Visual Studio 2017 (and 2019)
    • I learned more about Git itself.
  • Understand the differences between WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and Winforms.
    • And why companies are reluctant to change to the newer technologies.
  • Making mistakes, debugging.
    • I am more comfortable with break points and understanding error messages
  • Community input: Tim is awesome and swift in responding to users' questions and feedback.
  • More familiarity with SQL.

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