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Having a project to work on which either helps you understand something better, or just a general curiousity.

For example when I started using Go, I made a card Game which helped me better understand, and work with its concurrency model.
This is because the card game has an analyser, which checks the cards each player (1-4) has - in the background, and notifies them whether they can make a valid play. Kind of an assistant, which run in background but doesn't interrupt gameplay.

The second is a Rubik's cube, I'm still working on a bit just out of curiosity. As to how it would rotate, how it could be solved, how I would separate the concerns of its functionality, and more. Also I get to use TypeScript and Threejs which I really enjoy using.

The benefit of both projects, is that I get to problem solve and build something, outside of what I do everyday. And it's fun practice.

Also here is an implementation of the Sweep and Prune algorithm I made earlier this year, again out of pure curiosity written in ES6.

Hope that helps.

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