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Kiran Sethumadhavan
Kiran Sethumadhavan

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The most common myths about anonymity on the Internet

Browser and its TOR network

It is considered a good tool for anonymity.

When using this network and the browser, encrypted traffic passes through a chain of proxy servers that are independent of each other. It changes regularly and new proxies are used. Many people think that identifying the user and his data is unrealistic.

But this is not the case. First, the last server sees the traffic in an unencrypted form. Secondly, the hardware of the computer, Canvas Fingerprint and other things are monitored. So yes, Thor enhances anonymity, but it is not a panacea.

The next misconception is that the history of my requests is stored only by my browser and I can easily delete it.

No, any search engine stores and remembers your queries. Has it ever happened that you google some product, and then you are haunted by its advertising? This is it. Google remembered what you were looking for and took advantage of it.

The third myth is that I will turn on the proxy and be anonymous.

First, the ISP sees that you are connecting to a specific proxy server. Therefore, if you are interested, it will not be difficult to track you. And if you don't connect, the provider will initially know and store your entire history of page visits, even if you later delete it from your computer.

Fourth myth. Do you think that if you do not indicate your real name and surname on the Internet, no one will get to them? The answer is no.

For example, many services now require a mobile phone number. And already on it it is not difficult to track you. You will say that the SIM is not registered in your name.

But your phone number is kept in the contacts of your friends, acquaintances and relatives. Some of them have you signed by name and surname. Mom has you signed as "Son". And at least one of your contacts has a phone book synchronization with Google. Do you understand the connection?

Well, the fifth myth is that if you turn off the geolocation in the smartphone, then they will not be able to track my location.

First, you can still be tracked by your phone number with your mobile operator.
Secondly, you can be easily tracked over the Wi-Fi network to which you connect.
Well, and so on) In general, using a smartphone, you can forget about complete anonymity, unless you turn off all the functions there that make it a smartphone.

Such things, guys. So be careful on the Internet.

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