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Is being a "Unique" Individual a hinderance or benefit in technology today in 2022?

Is thinking that, you are a “unique” individual, a benefit or hindrance in technology today?
As a person, with a slew of life experiences that fall into a big category of a quote, “He’s a jack of all trades, master of none.”
This idiom originates from Elizabethan English. The idiom was famously used by Robert Greene in his 1592 booklet ‘Greene’s Groats-Worth of Wit’ where he refers to William Shakespeare with this idiom.
Is falling into that kind of idiom, in tech personally and professionally in 2022, a benefit or hindrance?
const unique = “He’s a jack of all trades, master of none.”;
Personally, this famous quote, that's been around since the late 1500’s early 1600’s, some of us have never heard the full quote, “Jack of all trades, master of none.”
It almost feels that when hearing this famous quote, to myself a lot comes to mind.
I think to myself, “depends on your point of view..” Followed by rambling thoughts on other quotes, similar to it, “Glass half full, half empty”, “its a vibe…”, etc.
My internal gut feeling however on the daily with software engineering at the Flatiron School, is “prove it to yourself.”
The journey here at the Flatiron school is just beginning,
from the hours of guided research/lectures to the long intense labs/challenges, these experiences are getting students ready for what's ahead in this “dynamic” field of Tech.
no matter where you land after, the support from the school is there.
I’d like to point out when your grasp for information starts to grow, the yearning and understanding to do multiple things at the same time from your training at the Flatiron School, will show.
The growth mindset is a trait that was first described by Professor Carol Dweck, having written about it in a number of books, including “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” — published in 2006.

I've read somewhere that sometimes your “uniqueness” could be the face of isolation, thinking about our problems, doing it on our own, coding on our own. We tend to forget that we are all unique human beings with a slew of complex ideas and methods. If the mindset is fixed, attending flatiron school could/be/or is straight unbearable…that in mind, it doesn't mean you can’t grow, the other tools amongst communication are what make FlatIron School in my opinion, a winner, focusing in on believing in yourself, and know you can do something and go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Growth in my opinion has a lot to do with the submission of the mind and accepting the information presented in front of you, then taking that information, sharing it, along with your experience learning it.

Just being around peers interested in the same field as you, using communication, learning from mistakes/failures, keyword: FAILURES(lol), motivating and sharing their drive, surprisingly, these communication tools behind the workload, help make the experience more enjoyable to lean in for support, creating this new sphere of influence and using that sphere of influence to ask questions and understand, that it's not a one-man fit all in the coding world. It's a team effort in building code.
You will find when ready, you can take on new endeavors, whether it be a new language or in-depth methods on specific languages, databases, creating new teams and systems, etc.
Jumping into a multi-billion dollar industry...Software Engineering to put it bluntly feels to me, extremely promising and I’m optimistic. always sitting in the middle, however, being called most of my life a “jack of all trades, master of none” shows more promise, in a area like software engineering, if it’s been ever thrown your way, don't worry if your just believe in your self, know that you have the ‘unique head space” for this career path.
Now depending on one’s socioeconomic views, today's climate with the pandemic, one’s access to resources to move forward, going into the Tech Industry today… it’s daunting even to think about, let alone to even step into it, but as it's been told online or in person or through some other way of getting one’s information, social media, news, t.v., etc. “its the future.”
when seeing signs or ads all over that look like this, “Tech is big! start now, join us in 2022” I’m generalizing here.
My thoughts go straight to this…you can reap great rewards if you follow the trail.
This sounds almost like the California Gold Rush of 1848–1855.
I’m hopeful that we will all strike gold!
here’s to the challenges ahead to being a unique individual in tech in 2022!

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