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Discussion on: What advice would you give to beginning devs?

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Kingsley Ijomah

To all new developers, there is only one main thing to focus on" START AND FINISH PROJECTS" by any means necessary.

Don't get side-tracked by new buzz words. Speak to a more experienced developer and create a ROADMAP of what to learn, and stick to it.

If you could work on one big ( complex ) project even better, this will serve as your reference point, keep revisiting it adding features, testing it different technologies when you are ready on it etc

Invest time in solving more high-quality problems, this will force you to learn deeper, READ, READ, READ code, and be very strict on yourself, just making it work is not enough, know possible ways of optimizing or preventing bugs creeping up.

If you want to work in Tech. don't wait till you think you are ready to start looking at job vacancies etc, start from day 1, this will help you know exactly what tools you should be familiar, and should be learning etc.

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Pablo Herrero Author

oh man, thanks for such quality advices!!! I learned a lot doing my portfolio... the next step is to do it in Angular :)