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Discussion on: Introducing the Cloud Native Compute Foundation (CNCF)

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Lakshya Singh

What should be your suggestions for someone starting to explore CNCF? Should I learn a few things before I can contribute to Projects?

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Chris Reddington Author

Hey @king11 , thanks for the comment - and apologies for missing this until now!

I'd say, start by exploring the projects that interest you. After all, if you want to contribute - it should be something that you're passionate about, rather than doing it 'for the sake of it'. Once you've found those projects you find interesting, start looking at some of the open issues / requests from the maintainers, whether there are any good first issues. Also look at the contributing guidelines. It may be worth reaching out to the maintainer, saying hello, and pointing out where you'd like to help out and moving forwards from there :)