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Discussion on: What was the worst bug you've ever written?

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Kim Kulling

I was a developer for a company building medical devices. There was a simple EEPROM storing the operation hours. This EEPROM was connected to the rest of the system via a real unstable bus system. So my job was adding a checksum when accessing the EEPROM to make it safe. If the read value did not fit to the checksum -> try it again 3 times and stop the system if there were still errors in the checksum. Unfortunately this bus was really unstable and somehow every subsystem was coupled to this readout-op from the EEPROM. My last delivery before starting a big beta-test-phase contained the fix.
And I warned my project-lead: do not deliver this fix at this point in time. He did believe that the fix will work ( this was the case, it showed us how unstable the EEPROM access was ) and we started the test-phase with this and the whole device was blocked by one operation-hour-readout fix ( my fix ). Argh!!! And I was fucked! This sommer was hot but I sat a lot in front of the device until it was fixed.