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America can not be a lifeboat. Where does it end? How many people can we let cross the border? 5 million? 50? 100 million? 200 million? There needs to be some responsibility, we all live on this planet together, but we cant all live in the same country. Hell... pretty soon we will have to live on other planets.

The USA is the main driver of such migration. Ever since the 50s it has destabilized other nations in Latin America, the Middle-East and Africa for gains in the global political stage and in economy. And it hasn't stopped.

To demand responsibility from the victims of such destabilization is misguided at best. I understand that this is not readily apparent (especially if you are American), but it's how the USA has built its hegemony. There's a reason we call it neocolonialism. Even without an official state presence in the "colonies", the "suzerain" controls and takes resources, without having to deal with any of the consequences that happen to the locals.

And again, dismantling ICE is not equivalent to open borders. As I said in another comment, the US had borders before ICE, and it will continue having them after. There are other countries that have an influx of undocumented migrants, and they don't deal with that situation by putting them in concentration camps with living conditions worse than even "regular" prisons (which shouldn't have terrible conditions either, but that's another topic).

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