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Bootcamp week 6 - 9: Project with React Native πŸ“±

Hello everyone, it has been 4 intensive weeks of coding and project management. I am proud of what I achieved and I can't wait to tell you about what happened.

Week 6 means: Group project 02! I teamed up with my friend Walid, and we met our client Xavier. He explained his project in details, we also received some assets and wireframes to work with.

Since it was a pretty big amount of work, I will write a dedicated article to dive deeper in the technical aspect but, I can already tell what it is about.

We were asked to develop a mobile app that allow people with food allergies to scan food products' barcode and gather information about potential allergens.

What did we do ?

βœ… Design & wireframe with Figma.
βœ… We had to learn React Native to build the Frontend.
βœ… Build a NodeJS/Express server.
βœ… Connect to a MongoDB Cloud Database.
βœ… Host the Backend on a Cloud Ubuntu instance (AWS EC2).

Project management was a key aspect of this challenge, we divided that project in 4 sprints of 5 days each with daily stand-ups and weekly retrospective (and demo for the client).

We started with user stories, split task using Trello and communication was handled via Slack.

❌ The biggest obstacle we had to overtake was distance... Lockdown came up right in the middle of our second sprint. Still, we managed to finish the project in time and keep contact with our client.

What did I learn ?

To be honest, I was far away of my comfort zone for the first time since I started the training. I had to push my limits and learn many things at the same time.

➑️ Obviously the first thing I learned is React Native and mobile development concepts in general.

➑️ Project management and team work are still topics I am not so familiar with and I took a huge step forward during the past 4 weeks.

➑️ Static hosting and cloud solutions are deep and complex but that is something I want to dive deeper in.

➑️ Finally, I feel more and more comfortable with Git.

What next ?

Next weeks should be quiet with Christmas and New Year's Eve showing up. I will probably allow more time to my blog or portfolio projects.

Thursday, I will take part to my very first Hackathon organized by the school. 400 students will compete during 36 hours. This is so exciting πŸ˜‡

Thank you for reading!

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