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Killian Frappart
Killian Frappart

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Bootcamp week 5: React ⚛️

After 4 weeks of HTML/CSS & JavaScript, it is now time for us to work with React JS!

React is a popular JavaScript library used to build high quality user interfaces.

I am really happy to start working with new technologies and dive deeper in my understanding of web development 🤩

What did we do ?

As I said, we were introduced to React on Monday. We started by installing dependencies on our machines, then our instructor explained the fundamentals.

This week we focused on:
✅ Function vs Class components
✅ Props
✅ State

Once everybody was familiar with fundamentals in theory we did some exercises to put everything in practice.

We finished the week with a live coding (building an Airbnb clone) and homework to do for the weekend.

What did I learn ?

I had worked with React before the bootcamp start and I already built some projects, so at this point nothing is new for me.

However, I don't want to satisfy with my current knowledge and I decided to work on my C# / .Net in order to improve my object-oriented programming skills.

What next ?

Next week, we are going to start another project for a real client. This one is a big one, I will explain more about
it later.

It is awesome to feel myself improving every day, I have never worked that hard before but it is 100% worth it.

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Thank you for reading! 😇

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