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Love that Hulk is jQuery. I mean most sites still run it, and it’s still valid, except that we have better JavaScript syntax than when jQuery rose to fame.

It’s funny that everyone wants to abandon it. One of the shops I worked out, a developer hated the fact that the internet was becoming jQuery everywhere.

It’s way worse now where everyone just gets a react library and everything is react. People still don’t really learn vanilla JavaScript and basic dom manipulation or event control.


It seems to me that the people who are bashing jQuery for being huge and unnecessary turn around and drop react on a simple static site and make it even more heavy (size wise)


I have special relationships with jQuery, so I really love it, it's not so scary or ugly for me. Though I try to avoid using it these days)
It works just fine where it works and it doesn't make sense to get rid of it only because of the frameworks-related hype 😉


Agree. I don’t use it really anymore. But it’s because I use vanilla javascript or a framework. I am getting burnt on frameworks. We force them into sites that don’t need them.

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