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Discussion on: Vue.js vs. React — Not Your Usual Comparison

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The time improvements I'll accept them, but in large scale aplications, the two way binding is less predictive than the flux pattern implemented by React, actually that is the reason why React implements flux pattern at his core. I'm far from being a frontend expert, but I read a lot, I love to stay informed and everytime I look for recomendations in every place I got the same: Vue is faster to develop and best for small to medium apps, but for large scale aplications React is the tool to go. You may agree or disagree but this is the opinion I have seen every songle place there is a serious neutral comparison between frontend tools.

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Ross Coundon

I don't see how it is any less predictable. Vuex is a first class extension to Vue and the authors state:

"This is the basic idea behind Vuex, inspired by Flux (opens new window), Redux and The Elm Architecture (opens new window). Unlike the other patterns, Vuex is also a library implementation tailored specifically for Vue.js to take advantage of its granular reactivity system for efficient updates."

I occasionally see people stating this for large scale applications but they never seem to say why. You're right, I don't agree :-D. Both options support all sizes of applications. There's nothing in Vue that makes it suddenly unfeasibly once you get to a certain size.