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In 2019 and beyond, I think Amazon scares me a lot more than Google. Not to say this discussion isn't worth having.

How can we make a change?

The easiest (is it?) solution that comes to mind is, we stop using them as and when we can. But can we?

If I'm stopping the use of GMaps, for instance, then it means the alternative is good enough, and has an ecosystem.

Many love to use Apple products, not because Apple makes any off-the-charts services. Many are stuck with Apple, because of what is called, 'Ecosystem'.

I would love to leave Google behind, but my question is, then what's the alternative? Is there an alternative ecosystem? My current online presence is seamlessly streamlined in a way that they work like clockwork.

I just checked. I'm actively using 31 different products of Google, every month, directly or indirectly. (it's sad I've sold my soul to Google)

List of Google products

Now all these service run in tandem to provide me with useful information and services. I could use 31 different services from 31 different companies with multi-ways of doing things, different interfaces, different workflows, etc.

Not to mention, if all these services take even 1$ a month, that's 31$ each month, no questions asked. Having total privacy is priceless, far outweighing the 372$ each year.

I could do that, but the question would be, 'At what extra cost?'. 'After paying 372$, what other costs am I incurring as a result of juggling around 31 independent platforms in the demand for privacy?'.

I might have gained my privacy, but at a loss of convenience, to an extent. How much does my convenience cost to me?

I don't like this. But I imagine an Android phone (by Google) with

  • App store owned by Amazon
  • Email by Microsoft
  • Analytics by Alexa
  • Maps by Apple (duh!)
  • Drive by Dropbox
  • Photos by Adobe
  • Video platform by Vimeo
  • Browser by Firefox/Safari
  • and so on, up to 31 different companies.

The strength of Google is less of the data they collect, and more of the ecosystem they've built. If there is an alternative with coherent ecosystem, many, including myself, would switch, even if it's gonna cost a bit.

This might sound crazy, but I prefer my most private household items all stored in one room, under one roof, than scattered across 31 different storage facilities of mine

Terrible way to do things, no redundancy, no fallback, but 31 different houses to manage?

Or should we leave things the way they are?

I hate to say this, but until there's something we can do about it (entirely stopping to use Google, not an immediate option), only thing we could do is probably minimize our dependence on their services.

I use Telegram now (quit WhatsApp last year). Telegram is, to me, lightyears ahead of WhatsApp, thus, switching to Telegram was a no brainer.

If I quit using Maps today, what am I gonna use? Here Maps? or Open Street Maps? None of these alternatives are equal or better than Maps.

AdSense, AdWords, YouTube, Android (Play Services), Google Photos etc.

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