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Somebody please help guide me to wisdom.
How do you run a mission-critical system (such as for a health care system), and have your machines running an OS that had its EoL some 3 years ago?

I see the blame more on the system admins than the OS or whoever made the OS. I'm no Microsoft fan (stopped using MS stuff some 10 years ago), however, I feel the pointing of fingers at MS has to stop when an admin doesn't take the necessary upgrade precautions.

3 years behind OS? And when attacked, the OS Maker is at fault, but the System admins walk?


If the attack affected only WinXP then I wouldn't hold Microsoft responsible at all. The problem is that the attack affects still supported versions, as well as also requiring a patch on Windows 10.

The article is about a design failure, that unless addressed, means we will continue to see these attacks, even on up-to-date systems.

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