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Another thing to consider for developers is because sources can be compiled and executed on Linux much faster.

I agree with you on this but i saw this on ArchWiki:

mongodb(AUR) - builds from source, requiring 180GB+ free disk space, and may take several hours to build (i.e. 6.5 hours on Intel i7, 1 hour on 32 Xeon cores with high-end NVMe.)

Building from source with appropriate flag can boost performance and make it more stable but sometimes the cost is too high and we can just use a prebuilt binary version.
Anyway, i love Linux because it gives us more options to suit our needs


I'm not entirely sure. But AUR packages takes more time because of the fact that may be only .deb packages are available and the package manager tries to convert it into source to recompile it again?
I have tried FDM from AUR and it take a lot of time and space compared to the official .deb package.

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