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Discussion on: Throwing code over a different fence

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Kenneth Henderick

I think "DevOps" isn't a team nor a person, but a mentality that needs to be grown. It's not that developers suddenly should know everything about operational tasks, or that operations should suddenly know how to write applications. It's that both teams need to start talking to each other.

And when there is the need so suddenly hire such DevOps people, or converting developers or operations into them, one should better start looking why the teams aren't working together as expected.

I've worked on teams in the past where operations could even ask development to create software to make their life easier, or they would set-up a meeting to give some basic understanding to the development team on how they worked, so they could align better.

Well, let's also state that in some companies, one could just merge both teams into a DevOps team, that's just another option. But generally speaking, just make sure everybody is aligned, and then everybody can do whatever he's good at. Whether that's writing software, setting up server environments, or whever.