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re: Ruby is my go-to language anytime I need to just write some code to do something — perhaps cleaning up some messy data and output a CSV. Or running...

You sound like one of those guys who can solve problems easily. These are some awesome things you can do!

It almost makes me want a book similar to Automate the Boring Stuff with Python but for Ruby... Any chance you know something like that Feifan?


Oh wow! I hadn't heard of that book until now, but it seems really cool. I don't know of any books like that for Ruby, although I could be convinced to write some stuff in that direction given an audience. For example, I was trying to find something in my iMessages history a few months ago, so I created a tool that made it easier than scrolling through the Messages app and wrote about it:

I'm geniunely curious about the first half of your response, because we all live in our heads and perceive the world differently — in your experience, do you think you sometimes have trouble solving (code-related) problems? Or maybe you don't see a problem that you think is solvable with a script?


You guys take a look at "Wicked Cool Ruby Scripts" by Steve Pugh. It has some great examples of small Ruby programs that solve day to day problems.

It was a great book in getting me to use Ruby in my day to day tasks also like Feifan does.

Good luck!

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