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re: Will you sacrifice minimalist UI for features? VIEW POST


I would say:

  • for an e-commerce / presentation website: keep the app the most minimalist possible. The challenge with this kind of web app is that your user does not have a manual, so it should be the most light and simple to understand. Users can quickly loose focus when browsing your website. Users won't call you if they don't know how to purchase this item, they will just leave for your concurrent.
  • web app, like ERP / CRM: feature first (of course), and consistant (if the cancel button is outlined, keep it all the way around all the views). Minimalist is not possible in this case, so the more your views are predictible, the more simple to use. The user might be using this create contract only once in a while, so he should be able to catch the idea of your views in a few seconds because he could be in a hurry with a customer awaiting. However, he can browse at any available manual if needed, or call the customer service in case something went wrong. Web app of this kind adding a lot of resource on the beauty will loose the market because users want functional, bug free tools. Beauty is just a bonus in the end.
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