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Agree but disagree!

I think you being tired comes from the framework fatigue that strike us all. Look Angular uses Typescript, oh look Electron, oh man get this out, React Native. Wow look back, Angular 8...

I get it, but 2 things came into my mind: IT is not a perfect science like Physics where truth have to be found. Computer programming is more a creative way to use tools to develop new, innovative tools. A tool making tool, like Legos.

We are actually working with patterns, finding which one best fit the most use cases possible. We are not advancing in term of pure technology but in problem solving we have made giant steps. Just look now, SPA PWA app-like web app, and SEO friendly. You would never bet that we could access the Bluetooth hardware from a tiny HTML and Javascript page but here we are now!

That's why I understand, but we will keep it like this until real hardware breakthrough like 5G, quantum computing, In-memory persistant data storage, and others technology that opens up the field of the possibles...

Let's pray prosper in 10 years, revive this topic, and let us see what new amazing techs emerged 😁

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