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At my work we use a system of notation on our kanban tasks (from 0 to 4) with the higher priority task having the higher notation.

Even if on the same sprint we add more tasks, we only re-update the priorities once a week (preferably Monday to start with a progression review, and finish with a re-priorization).

Works pretty good for us now, as long as we keep in mind to have the least 4 priority tasks possible.


This is the professional answer if you want to get on with stuff, ongoing with sensible progress to deliver quality.

๐Ÿ‘ Khalyomede

As can be seen, each person has a way or twist on getting themselves into a productive zone.


Thanks for your response!

How do you choose which number to give a task? We have a similar system where I work but people (of course) tend to number their own tasks higher. We tried to define the priorities but itโ€™s still very subjective (whatโ€™s the difference between improving and significantly improving? Depends on your perspective.)


Good question! In our team, we have my director and a product Owner, and with the help of a consultant senior, they help keep priorities fair.

So actually we are managing our priority very well for the moment, because everyone is understanding the timing of each one. Obviously their knowledge of how many time does a task takes help a lot (and I am lucky to have my superiors know how many effort does it takes to get things done in programming).

Maybe once a month you will see that over prioritized tasks, but very quickly everything gets fixed because of our Monday sprints.

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